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Nice Airplanes Custom Made Desktop Submarine Models

Welcome to our Submariners page.

We make very nice hand made custom desktop submarine models!

In fact our submarines are highly detailed and we can configure them for submerged, attack or whatever configuration is required.

Like our aeroplanes, they are very good value and we will provide a no-obligation quotation on request.

We have currently hold drawings for the following submarines;

A Class custom submarine models - Royal Navy
P414 HMS Ace, P433 HMS Achates, P411 S61 HMS Acheron, P427 S72 HMS Aeneas, P421 HMS Affray, P441 S41 HMS Alaric, P415 S65 HMS Alcide, P416 S
66 HMS Alderney, P417 S67 HMS Alliance, P418 S68 HMS Ambush, P439 S43 HMS Amphion, P422 S64 HMS Anchorite, P423 S63 HMS Andrew, P449 S49 HMS Artemis, P456 S96 HMS Artful, P455 S47 HMS Astute, P419 S69 HMS Auriga and P426 S62 HMS Aurochs

Resolution Class custom submarine models
- Royal Navy
S22 HMS Resolution, S23 HMS Repulse, S26 HMS Renown, S27 HMS Revenge

Trafalgar Class custom submarine models - Royal Navy
S91 HMS Trenchant, S107 HMS Trafalgar, S90 HMS Torbay, S87 HMS Turbulent, S88 HMS Tireless, S92 HMS Talent, S93 HMS Triumph

Vanguard Class custom submarine models - Royal Navy
S28 HMS Vanguard, S29 HMS Victorious, S30 HMS Vigilant, S31 HMS Vengeance 

Astute Class custom submarine models - Royal Navy
S119 HMS Astute, S120 HMS Ambush, S121 HMS Artful, S122 HMS Audacious

Oberon Class custom submarine models
- Royal Navy
S09 HMS Oberon, S10 HMS Odin, S11 HMS Orpheus, S12 HMS Olympus, S13 HMS Osiris,  
S14 HMS Onslaught, S15 HMS Otter, S16 HMS Oracle, S17 HMS Ocelot,  S18 HMS Otus,
S19 HMS Opossum, S20 HMS Opportune, S21 HMS Onyx

Oberon Class custom submarine models - Royal Australian Navy
SS57 HMAS Oxley,  SS59 HMAS Otway,  SS60 SSG60 HMAS Onslow, SS70 HMAS Ovens,
SS71 HMAS Orion,  SS72 SSG72 HMAS Otama

Collins Class custom submarine models - Royal Australian Navy
SSG 73 HMAS Collins, SSG 74 HMAS Farncomb, SSG 75 HMAS Waller, SSG 76 HMAS Dechaineux,
SSG 77 HMAS Sheean, SSG 78 HMAS Rankin

Oberon Class custom submarine models - Royal Canadian Navy
S72 HMCS Ojibwa, S73 HMCS Onondaga, S74 HMCS Okanagan

Oberon Class custom submarine models - Brazilian Navy
S20 BNS Humaitá, S21 BNS Tonelero, S22 BNS Riachuelo

Oberon Class modelo de submarinos - Chilean Navy
S22 CNS O'Brien, S23 CNS Hyatt

Maquette sous-marin Classe Daphné - Marine Nationale (La Royale)
S641 Daphné, S642 Diane, S643 Doris, S644 Eurydice, S645 Flore, S646 Galatée, S647 Minerve, S648 Junon, S649 Vénus, S650 Psyché, S651 Sirène

Maquette sous-marin Classe Agosta - Marine Nationale (La Royale)
S620 Agosta, S621 Bévéziers, S622 La Praya, S623 Ouessant

Agosta Class modelo de submarinos - Armarda Española
S71 Galerna, S72 Siroco, S73 Mistral, S74 Tramontana

Gotland Class ubåt modell - Marinen
HMS Gotland, HMS Uppland, HMS Halland

Barracuda Class custom submarine model - United States Navy
USS K-1, USS K-2, USS K-3, SSK-1 SST-3 SS-550 USS Barracuda, SSK-2 SS-551 USS Bass , SSK-3 SS-552 USS Bonita

Skate Class custom submarine models - United States Navy
SSN-578 USS Skate, SSN-579 USS Swordfish, SSN-583 USS Sargo, SSN-584 USS Seadragon 

Sturgeon Class custom submarine models - United States Navy
SSN-637 USS Sturgeon, SSN-638 USS Whale, SSN-639 USS Tautog, SSN-646 USS Grayling, SSN-647 USS Pogy, SSN-648 USS Aspro, SSN-649 USS Sunfish, SSN-650 USS Pargo, SSN-651
USS Queenfish, SSN-652 USS Puffer, SSN-653 USS Ray, SSN-660 USS Sand Lance, SSN-661 USS Lapon, SSN-662 USS Gurnard, SSN-663 USS Hammerhead, SSN-664 USS Sea Devil, SSN-665 USS Guitarro, SSN-666 USS Hawkbill, SSN-667 USS Bergall, SSN-668 USS Spadefish, SSN-669 USS Seahorse, SSN-670 USS Finback, SSN-671 USS Narwhal, SSN-672 USS Pintado, SSN-673 USS Flying Fish, SSN-674 USS Trepang, SSN-675 USS Bluefish, SSN-676 USS Billfish, SSN 677 USS Drum, SSN-678 USS Archerfish, SSN-679 USS Silversides, SSN-680 USS William H. Bates, SSN-681 USS Batfish, SSN-682 USS Tunny, SSN-683 USS Parche, SSN-684 USS Cavalla, SSN-686 USS L. Mendel Rivers, SSN-687 USS Richard B. Russell  

T-1 Class custom submarine model - United States Navy
USS T-1, USS T-2, SST-1 USS Makerel, SST-2 USS Marlin

Triton Class custom submarine model - United States Navy
SSRN-586 USS Triton (Radar Picket), SSN-586 USS Triton

Tullibee Class custom submarine model - United States Navy
SSN-597 USS Tullibee

Other United States Navy submarine orders are most welcome.

A link to the order form is available at the bottom of the page or alternatively click on the Order Form button, also located on the third row of buttons above. Order today, as we not only make sensational models, but operate on a first come first served basis!

Please see pricing page for available submarine lengths and prices.

HMS Otter 
Oberon Class submarine
Length = 20 inches
Submarine hulls are hand carved out of one piece of wood

HMCS Okanagan
Oberon Class submarine
Length = 23.5 inches (59.7 cm)

HMs/m Aeneas
A Class submarine
Customer defined selected masts and periscopes up
Length = 12 inches

Trafalgar Class custom model
HMS Torbay - Trafalgar Class Submarine
Submerged mode at customers request
(Length = 23.6 inches or 60 cm)

Astute custom submarine model
HMS Audacious
Astute Class Submarine
Royal Navy
(Length = 23.6 inches or 60 cm)

HMS Tireless custom model
HMS Tireless - Trafalgar Class submarine
Confinguaration at customers request
(Length = 23.6 inches or 60 cm)

Vanguard custom submarine model
HMS Vanguard
- Vanguard Class submarine
Royal Navy
Firing mode at customers request
(Length = 23.6 inches or 60 cm)

Collins custom submarine model

HMAS Sheean
Collins Class Custom Submarine Model
Royal Australian Navy (RAN)
Firing mode at customers request
(Length = 23.6 inches or 60 cm)

U-Boat custom models
U-47 - Kreigsmarine U-Boat custom model
(Length = 15 inches or 38.1 cm)
(Current price delivered in USA is $340 (US Dollars))
There is considerable deck detailing that cannot be seen in this photo

Gato Class custom models
S14 BNS Humaitá
Brazilian Navy
USS Gato Class custom model

(Length = 16 inches or 40.6cm)

Nice Airplanes makes very nice submarines too!

Britten Norman Islander aircraft are on the Islander  page

If you would like a smaller size submarine model, please contact us via e-mail or use the enquiry form on the Contact Us Page. We really do make to order.
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