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Nice Airplanes Custom Made Desktop Models - Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)
Welcome to the Royal Canadian Air Force page. We are capable of making any RCAF aircraft or helicopter, right down to the individual squadron and year.  World War II aircraft are a speciality of ours, but as you'll see below we make some very impressive post war types as well.

CL-13 Sabre, CF-100 Canuck, CF-101 Voodoo, CF-104 Starfighter, CF-105 Arrow, CC-106 Yukon, CC-108 Caribou, CC-109 Cosmopolitan, CSR-110 Albatross, CT-111 Firefly, CH-112 Nomad, CH-113 Labrador, CT-114 Tutor, CC-115 Buffalo, CF-116 Freedom Fighter, CC-117 Falcon, CH-118 Iroquois, CC-119 Flying Boxcar, CO-119 Bird Dog, CO-119 L-82, CT-120 Chipmunk, CP-121 Tracker, CP-122 Neptune, CSR-123 Otter, CH-124 Sea King, CH-125 Workhorse, CH-126 Choctaw, CH-127 Vertol 44, CT-128 Expeditor, CC-129 Dakota,
CC-130 Hercules, CC-130J Hercules, CX-131 Dynavert, CC-132 Dash 7, CT-133 Silver Star, CT-134 Musketeer, CH-135 Twin Huey, CH-136 Kiowa, CC-137 Husky, CC-138 Twin Otter, CH-139 Jet Ranger, CP-140 Aurora, CP-140A Arcturus, CT-142 Dash 8, CH-143 BK-117, CC-144 Challenger, CT-145 Super King Air, CH-146 Griffon, CH-147D Chinook, CH-148 Cyclone, CH-149 Cormorant, CC-150 Polaris, CT-155 Hawk, CT-156 Harvard II and CC-177 Globemaster III would all make impressive models.

If you have relatives that flew in WWII, then we can make that individual aircraft for you. 

Pre-WWII aircraft such as the Supermarine Stranraer, Northrop Delta, Consolidated O-17 Courier, Vickers Vista, Vickers Varuna, Vickers Vedette. Felixstowe F.3, Blackburn Shark and Fairchild FC-2L Razorback are all possible.

If you would like to see the level of detail a Griffon, BK-117, Cyclone or Cormorant would have, please see the Rotary Wing page. Likewise there is a DHC-5 Buffalo on the Airliners page. Otters and Twin Otters can be found on the Floatplanes page.

Our very reasonable pricing can be found via the Pricing button on the third row of buttons located above. A link to the order form is available at the bottom of the page or alternatively click on the Order Form button, also located on the third row of buttons above. Order today, as we not only make sensational models, but operate on a first come first served basis!

McDonnell CF-101B Voodoo
410 Squadron Bagotville

CL-13 Sabre V
430 Squadron RCAF
CC-106 Yukon model

Canadair CC-106 Yukon custom desktop model

437 Squadron RCAF

(It's not a Britannia painted as a Yukon)

CL-41 Tutor custom model

Canadair CL-41 (CT-114) Tutor custom desktop model


CT-134 Muskateer custom desktop model

Beechcraft CT-134A Muskateer custom dekstop model


CFB Portage La Prairie

Canadair Argus desktop model
Canadair CP-107 Argus (CL-28)
415 Squadron
Royal Canadian Air Force

Will quite happily make any Argus variant, squadron, right down to individual aircraft and year

Canadair Argus custom model

Canadair CP-107 Argus (CL-28)
415 Squadron
Royal Canadian Air Force

CF-18 Hornet custom model

McDonnell-Douglas CF-188A Hornet

(CF-18 Hornet)
439 (Tiger) Squadron
CFB Baden-Soellingen

Hawker Sea Fury TG114
870 Squadron RCN
Royal Canadian Navy

RCAF Wellington custom model

Vickers Wellington II

405 (Vancouver) Squadron

RAF Pocklington

razorback custom model

Fairchild FC-2L Razorback

RCAF Tiger Moth desktop model

DH82A Tiger Moth
Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)

Quite happy to make a DH82C or any other RCAF training aircraft.


There are 'quite a few' Canadian bush and float planes on the Floatplanes page.

Royal Australian Air Force and Australian Army Aviation, please visit our RAAF and AAAvn page

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