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Nice Airplanes Custom Made Desktop Models - Other Military Air Forces and Units
We make historically accurate airplanes and are capable of a wide range of types from all air arms, through history to today. If you would like a Norwegian Lockheed-Martin F-16M or a Saab Lansen, Draken, Viggen or Gripen - we would be delighted to make it for you.

If you would like a particular squadron or even individual aircraft, we can make it for you. Nice Airplanes does not make models for other companies, nor do we outsource.

Customers based in North America can enjoy preferential postal rates direct from the workshop. 

Our very reasonable pricing can be found via the Pricing button on the third row of buttons located above. A link to the order form is available at the bottom of the page or alternatively click on the Order Form button, also located on the third row of buttons above. Order today, as we not only make sensational models, but operate on a first come first served basis!

Luftwaffe F-4F custom model
McDonnell-Douglas F-4F Phantom II JG 71 custom model
50th Anniversary scheme

RSAF Lightning custom model

English Electric Lightning F.53 custom model
Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF)
القوات الجوية الملكية السعودية
(Absolutely beautiful model)

super cub desktop model

Piper L-21 Super Cub custom model

Aviazione dell' Esercito

flying tigers desktop model

Hawk 81 desktop model

Third Squadron (Hell's Angels)

American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers)

Kunming, China 1942

Legion Condor custom model

Spanish Civil War Messerschmitt Bf 109D custom model


Legion Condor

(Wingspan approximately 17 inches or 43.2 cm)

polikarpov custom model

Spanish Civil War Polikarpov I-16 custom model

4 Esquadrille

(Wingspan 15 1/2 inches or 39.4 cm)

soviet AF custom model

Lavochkin La-7 (Лавочкин Ла-7) desktop model

156 IAP

Lt. Col. Sergei Dolgushin

Военно-воздушные силы

Oscar custom model

Nakajima Ki-43 Oscar custom model

77th Sentai (第七十七戦隊)

Imperial Japanese Army Air Service (大日本帝國陸軍航空部隊)

(Wingspan 18 inches or 45.7 cm)

h8k2 custom model

Kawanishi H8K Emily custom model
Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service (

Seiran custom model

Aichi M6A Seiran custom model
Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service (

burmese air force desktop model

Supermarine Spitfire LFIXc custom model


Burma Air Force

Royal Canadian Air Force via our RCAF page

As our pricing for a custom made model is so reasonable, Order today using order form via this link;
Nice Airplanes Order Form

Nice Airplanes really does produce nice airplanes and we are immensely proud of each one!
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