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Nice Airplanes Custom Made Desktop Models - Record Breakers, Experimental and Concept Aircraft

Always a favourite with our customers are distance or speed record-breaking aircraft. The choice is not limited to what you see below, but we can make what you would like.

In addition we are capable of producing experimental aircraft and most interestingly, concept aircraft that never left the drawing board or were cancelled government projects. We even can produce in likely individual squadron colours of the period.

So with total flexibility we can produce aircraft, such as the Avro Arrow or TSR2, in how  they would have probably looked in service had they made it that far! Please see the Fairey Delta 3 below. Likewise we can produce American research and development aircraft as well. For instance, we can make the Republic XF-91 Thunderceptor in three different versions, initial, Butterflly V tail, and F-91B configuration. McDonnell XF-88 can be made in XF-88, XF-88A or XF-88B versions. Canadian experimental aircraft such as the Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar would make impressive model as well. Put it this way, we can not only make the Avro Arrow, but make any of the Arrows that flew or put one into a squadron scheme of that time.

Bristol 188 length (including pitot tube) approximately 17 3/4 inches or 45.1 cm

Fairey FD2 length (including pitot tube) approximately 18 inches or 45.7 cm

Fairey Monoplane 2 wingspan approximately 19 inches or 48.3 cm

Vulcan B1 wingspan approximately 16 inches or 40.6 cm.

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BCA 221 desktop model

BAC 221 custom model
Development Aircraft
At 1/32 scale this works out about 1.3 times normal size price

Fairey Delta 2 custom model

Fairey Delta 2 custom model - WG774

(Length is 18 inches or 45.7 cm)

Peter Twiss

Fairey Delta 2 custom desktop model WG774 

(Length is 18 inches or 45.7 cm)

Fairey FD2 custom model
Fairey Delta 2 custom model WG777

(Length is 18 inches or 45.7 cm)


Fairey Delta 2 desktop model

Fairey Delta 2 desktop model
World Speed record holder as flown by Peter Twiss
(Length is 18 inches or 45.7 cm)

North American X-15
To give it a high speed look, it is weathered. 

Lockheed XF-90

Bell X-1
(p.s. the substantially faster Miles M.52 can be found below on the page!)

Northrop YB-49 flying wing

TSR2 desktop model

BAC TSR2 custom model
If you would like, we can paint a TSR2 into a likely RAF colour scheme based upon the time
it was planned to enter service.

de Havilland DH110 Sea Vixen D3
RAE Llanbedr

Bristol 188 custom model
Bristol 188


Valkyrie desktop model

North American XB-70 Valkyrie custom model


High speed configuration


Supermarine 508 desktop model

Supermarine 508
VX133 in original configuration
(Length is 16 1/4 inches or 41.3 cm)

S6B custom model
Supermarine S6B
Developed for the Schneider Trophy 
World Air Speed Record Holder

MC72 custom model

Macchi M.C.72

World Air Speed Record Holder

Current World Air Speed Record Holder for Piston-engined Seaplanes

monoplane desktop model

Fairey Monoplane 2


World distance record holder
RAF Cranwell to Walvis Bay

Vulcan B1 custom model

Vulcan B1 with Blue Steel Missile


FD3 desktop model
Fairey Delta 3
74 (Tiger) Sqn colours
(Length = 17 3/4" or 45.1cm)

Miles M52 custom model

Miles M.52
(Scale 1:32 which is length 10 1/2 inches or 26.7 cm)

SR53 desktop model

Saunders-Roe SR53
Scale 1:32

HP115 desktop model

Handley Page HP115
Aero Flight RAE Bedford
Scale 1:32

P1127 desktop model

Hawker P.1127
1/32 Scale

SB4 desktop model

Short SB4 Sherpa Custom model


1/32 Scale

Gloster Meteor prone

Armstrong-Whitworth Meteor Prone Nose custom model


1/32 scale

Short SC1

Short SC.1 Custom Model


1/32 scale

Eric Brown Vampire

de Havilland Vampire Prototype


1/32 scale

BAC 1-11 desktop model

BAC One-Eleven 475  custom model


British Aerospace

Victor desktop model

Handley Page Victor Prototype Custom Model


victor B1 desktop model

Handley Page Victor B1 Custom Model


Avro Atlantic desktop model

Avro 722 Atlantic custom model

Lightning P1A

English Electric P.1A custom Model

This one was larger and hence more expensive than a standard model, but we are quite happy to make a standard size model

Avro 707 custom model

Avro 707A custom model WZ736

Length approximately 16 3/8 inches or 41.6 cm

DH110 custom model

de Havilland DH110 custom model WG240

Other DH110 colour schemes and configurations are possible


Current and classic Fleet Air Arm fixed and rotary wing aircraft are made so please visit our FAA Page

As our pricing for a custom made model is so reasonable, order today using our order form via this link;
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Nice Airplanes really does produce nice airplanes and we are immensely proud of each one!

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