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Nice Airplanes Custom Made Desktop Models - Royal Air Force
Just a few types and squadrons to represent what we are capable of when making RAF aircraft from the past right through to today. If you would like a particular squadron or even individual aircraft, we'll make it for you and we do not charge any extra for doing so.

We have made a lot of RAF desktop models over the years, such as the Bristol Belvedere, Gloster Javelin, Handley Page Halifax, Hawker Hurricane, Bristol Beaufighter, de Havilland Mosquito, Armstrong Whitworth Argosy, Westland Wessex and Avro Anson, to name just a few. We will make any Royal Air Force aircraft and if it's one that carries a choice of armament, we'll do that too. Our object is to make the RAF aircraft you would like as a model.

Our very reasonable pricing can be found via the Pricing button on the third row of buttons located above. A link to the order form is available at the bottom of the page or alternatively click on the Order Form button, also located on the third row of buttons above. Order today, as we not only make sensational models, but operate on a first come first served basis!

RAF Andover desktop model

HS780 Andover custom desktop model

52 Squadron

Lightning custom model

English Electric Lightning T4 custom model

92 Squadron

RAF Gutersloh

(Any Lightning can be made)

Lightning desktop model

English Electric Lightning F.2A custom model

19 Squadron

RAF Gutersloh RAFG

Hawker Hunter T7 custom model

1417 Flt (8/43 Squadrons)

RAF Khormaksar, Aden

Hunter custom model

Hawker Hunter T7 desktop model

237 Operational Conversion Unit (237 OCU)

RAF Honington

Comet desktop model

de Havilland Comet C2 desktop model

216 Squadron
(Photographic evidence for the silver top to the tailfin!)
We can make any of the service Comets 


Victor custom model

Handley Page Victor SR2 custom desktop model
543 Squadron

RAF Wyton

Victor B1 custom model

Handley Page Victor B1 custom model

15 Squadron

RAF Cottesmore

Operation Firedog

Argosy custom model

Armstrong-Whitworth Argosy C1 custom desktop model
105 Squadron

Royal Air Force Middle East

TriStar custom model

Lockheed L-1011 TriStar KC-1 custom desktop model

216 Squadron
RAF Brize Norton

Valiant desktop model

Vickers Valiant B1 custom desktop model

49 Squadron
(Wingspan = 16 1/2 inches or 41.9 cm) 
We will make any Valiant

Vulcan desktop model

Avro Vulcan custom desktop model

Black Buck 5

Falklands war 1982
(Wingspan = 16 inches or 40.6 cm)
We will of course make any Vulcan

Avro Vulcan custom model

Avro Vulcan B1 custom desktop model

230 OCU

chinook custom model

CH-47 Chinook custom desktop model

(Fuselage length = 12 inches or 30.5 cm)
Seriously fully detailed
Will quite happily make in Special Forces camouflage if required

Nimrod custom model

Nimrod MR2 custom desktop model

(Length = 16 1/2 inches or 41.9 cm) Yes we have made a 51 Sqn Nimrod R1.

Nimrod custom model

Nimrod MR1 custom model

42 Squadron RAF St. Mawgan

Valetta custom model

Vickers Valetta custom desktop model
110 Squadron

Far East Transport Wing
(Wingspan = 18 inches or 45.7cm)

Bristol Britannia custom model

Bristol Britannia desktop model

(Wingspan = 17 inches or 43.2 cm)
Of course we will make any Britannia, Military or Civil

Hastings desktop model

Handley Page Hastings C2 custom desktop model
36 Squadron
(Wingspan = 18 inches or 45.7 cm)
As usual you choose any variant, squadron or aircraft if you wish

Hastings custom model

Handley Page Hastings T5 custom desktop model

Strike Command Bombing School (SCBS), RAF Scampton

(Wingspan = 18 inches or 45.7 cm)

Beverley desktop model

Blackburn Beverley C1 desktop model
34 Squadron

Royal Air Force Far East
(We'll make any Beverley from any squadron)

Beverley custom model

Blackburn Beverley C1 desktop model

47 Squadron
Royal Air Force Transport Command

Hercules custom model

Lockheed C-130K Hercules C1 custom desktop model
RAF Lyneham

(Wingspan = 18 1/4 inches or 46.4 cm)
Any Herkybird

DH Hornet

de Havilland Hornet F3 custom desktop model
33 Squadron
RAF Butterworth, Malaya
(Wingspan = 18 inches or 45.7cm)

Shorts Belfast custom model

Shorts SC5 Belfast custom desktop model
53 Squadron
(Wingspan = 18 inches or 45.7cm)
We will quite happily make a Heavylift Airlines or any other Belfast

SMR Lancaster

Avro Lancaster MR3 custom desktop model
School of Maritime Reconnaissance, RAF St. Mawgan
(Length = 15 inches or 38.1 cm)
(Wngspan = 21 1/2 inches or 54.6cm)
Of course we make any squadron Lancasters especially WWII

Canberra custom model
English Electric Canberra PR9 custom desktop model
39 Squadron
RAF Luqa Mid-1960s
You can order any Canberra - We'll make it for you

Canberra desktop model

English Electric Canberra B2 custom desktop model

151 Squadron

RAF Watton

Phantom desktop model

F-4J Phantom of 74 (Tiger) Sqn custom desktop model
RAF Wattisham
(Length =16 1/4 inches or 41.3cm)
As usual, we'll make any squadron Phantom with a choice of armaments too!

Phantom custom model

Phantom FGR2 of 29 Squadron custom desktop model
RAF Coningsby
Has SUU-23 under fuselage as well as a full compliment of missiles

RAF Phantom desktop model

Phantom FGR2 desktop model

56 Squadron

Tornado desktop model

Panavia Tornado F3 custom desktop model
111 Squadron RAF Leuchars

GR variants from any air arm / squadron are not a problem either

Tornado custom model

Panavia Tornado GR4 custom desktop model

13 Squadron

RAF Marham

Hunter F6 custom model

Hawker Hunter F6 custom desktop model
43 Squadron
Of course we will make and variant and any Hunter colour scheme

Typhoon custom model

Eurofighter Typhoon II F2 custom desktop model
3 Squadron
(Length 16 inches or 40.6cm)

spitfire custom model

Supermarine Spitfire custom desktop model
Wing Commander Johnnie Johnson
(Wingspan = 17 inches or 43.2 cm)

Jaguar custom model

Sepecat Jaguar 20 Sqn RAF Bruggen custom desktop model
(Aicraft Length = 16 inches long or 40.6 cm)
Of course, 6 sqn Canopeners, 41, and 54 from RAF Coltishall , RAFG based 14, 17 or 31 Squadron, or Lossiemouth or Coningsby based would equally look nice. You can even select the armaments.

Jaguar custom model
Sepecat Jaguar GR1A custom model

2 Sqn, RAF Laarbruch
(Aicraft Length = 16 inches long or 40.6 cm)

Jaguar custom model
Sepecat Jaguar GR1A  desktop model
54 Squadron
RAF Coltishall
(Aicraft Length = 16 inches long or 40.6 cm)

Jaguar GR1 custom model
Sepecat Jaguar GR1A  custom model
41 Squadron
RAF Coltishall
(Aicraft Length = 16 inches long or 40.6 cm)

RAF Meteor desktop model

Gloster Meteor F8 desktop model

611 (West Lancashire) Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force

gloster meteor desktop model

Armstrong-Whitworth NF11 custom desktop model

98 Squadron


Javelin desktop model

Gloster Javelin FAW.7 custom model

23 Squadron

RAF Horsham St. Faith

Twin Pioneer custom model

Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer desktop model

209 Squadron

RAF Seletar

Quite happily make any Twinpin from any squadron

Scottish Aviation Pioneer custom model

Scottish Aviation Pioneer desktop model

209 Squadron

RAF Seletar

dakota custom model

Douglas C-47 Dakota custom desktop model


fairey custom model

Fairey Fox I custom desktop model


We can make Inter-war years aircraft as well.

Don't see your favourite aircraft type here? We'll make it from training and transport aircraft to tankers and combat aircraft. Just ask!

The Royal Air Force in World War 2 - Please visit RAF in WWII Page

As our pricing for a custom made model is so reasonable, order today using our order form via this link;
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Nice Airplanes really does produce nice airplanes and we are immensely proud of each one!
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