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Nice Airplanes Custom Made Desktop Models - Fleet Air Arm
Just a few types and squadrons to represent what we are capable of when making FAA aircraft from the past right through to today. If you would like a particular squadron or even individual aircraft, we can make it for you at no additional cost for a custom model. You can even select the armaments if you wish.

If you are interested in a rotary wing model, we are more than happy to make one for you. If you would like to see the quality standard for a helicopter, please visit our Rotary Wing page via the button above. We will make any Westland Sea King, Westland Commando, Westland Lynx, Westland Wessex, Westland Whirlwind, Westland Wasp. Agusta-Westland Merlin HM1, Westland Dragonfly, Westland Gazelle or any other naval helicopter.

Fixed wing-wise, we make all types of Harrier right through to the latest GR9A. FRADU Hunter, Canberra or Falcon 50 would look good, as would the de Havilland Sea Vixen, Supermarine Attacker, Supermarine Seafire, Supermarine Scimitar, McDonnell Phantom II, de havilland Sea Devon, Hunting (Percival) Sea Prince, and Sea Heron colour would look great. In fact, the FAA Sea Heron, 'the Barge' would look exceptional.

The Blackburn Firebrand, F4U Corsair, Grumman Avenger, de Havilland Sea Vampire, Sea Venom perhaps in Suez markings, Douglas Skyraider, Fairey Albacore, Fairey Fulmar, Fairey Firefly, Hawker Sea Fury, Hawker Sea Hawk, Blackburn Skua, or Roc, DHC-1 Chipmunk, Boulton Paul Sea Balliol, Supermarine Walrus or Westland Wyvern would each make a very nice model.

Prewar types such as the Blackburn Shark, Fairey Flycatcher (See photo below), Fairey IIIF, Sopwith Triplane and Sopwith Baby would also make nice models.

We don't make set colour schemes per type, just make the exact aircraft required and we don't charge extra for it.

Our very reasonable pricing can be found via the Pricing button on the third row of buttons located above. A link to the order form is available at the bottom of the page or alternatively click on the Order Form button, also located on the third row of buttons above. Order today, as we not only make sensational models, but operate on a first come first served basis!

F-35B Lightning II Royal Navy

Westland Wessex HAS1
815 NAS

Westland Commando

Westland Sea King ASaC7
Beechcraft Avenger T1
850 NAS

de Havilland Sea Venom FAW.21 
890 NAS HMS Eagle

Westland Merlin HMS2

Agusta-Westland AW159 Wildcat

de Havilland Sea Vixen FAW2
893 NAS

swordfish desktop model
Fairey Swordfish custom model

H.M.S. Ark Royal

Q for Queenie
(Wingspan = 17 inches or 43.2 cm)

sea hawk custom model
Hawker Sea Hawk FGA6 custom model
738 Naval Air Squadron (NAS)
RNAS Lossiemouth
(Length 16 1/5th inches or 41.1 cm)

wasp desktop model
Westland Wasp HAS1 custom model

829 Naval Air Squadron (NAS)

walrus desktop model

Supermarine Walrus I custom model
710 Naval Air Squadron
HMS Albatross

wyvern desktop model

Westland Wyvern S4 custom model
830 Naval Air Squadron
HMS Eagle
Operation Musketeer (Suez Crisis 1956)
Wingspan is 16 inches or 40.6 cm
Length is 15.5 inches or 39.4 cm

firebrand custom model

Blackburn Firebrand TF5 custom model
813 Naval Air Squadron (813 NAS)

buccaneer desktop model
Blackburn Buccaneer S2 custom model
809 NAS
HMS Ark Royal
We will make any Buccaneer with choice of armaments such as Martel.

With total flexibility we will quite happily make any Fleet Arm Arm aircraft, be it fixed or rotary-wing

gannet desktop model

Fairey Gannet AEW3 custom model
(Wingspan = 19 inches or 48.3cm)

barracuda desktop model

Fairey Barracuda custom model
830 Naval Air Squadron

In full dive-bombing mode with Fairey-Youngman flaps extended for the attack on the Tirpitz
(Wingspan is 18" or 45.7cm)
It is fully detailed with all aerials

sea hornet custom model

de Havilland Sea Hornet NF.21 custom model
(Wingspan = 17 inches or 43.2 cm)

gloster gladiator desktop model

Gloster Sea Gladiator custom model

Valiant defence of Malta

flycatcher desktop model

Fairey Flycatcher custom model
(Wingspan = 17 1/4 inches or 43.8 cm)

All Army Air Corps types and squadrons are made. Please visit the AAC Page

As our pricing for a custom made model is so reasonable, order today using our order form via this link;
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Nice Airplanes really does produce nice airplanes and we are immensely proud of each one!
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