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Nice Airplanes Custom Made Desktop Models - Bush, Ski and Float Planes
Welcome to the Nice Airplanes bush and float planes page.

As you can see below we make very detailed and accurate float and bush planes. The floatplanes below are magnificent models and we will quite happily make yours. If you would like a bush plane on skis, then we will be be delighted to make it for you.

If you don't see the type you would like made, please contact us via the Nice Airplanes Enquiry Form. 

Military sea planes are of course made as well. For instance, if you would like a R3Y Tradewind, we will offer any version be it an XP5Y-1, R3Y-1 or R3Y-2.

We are well used to making individual orders so please don't hesitate to order.

Land based planes are considered low complexity for pricing. Floatplanes and ski equipped bush planes are considered medium complexity for pricing except where very complex colour schemes are required. These will attract the higher complexity price because of the additional time taken with our artists. We don't use decals and we mix our own paint colours!

Our very reasonable pricing can be found via the Pricing button on the third row of buttons located above. A link to the order form is available at the bottom of the page or alternatively click on the Order Form button, also located on the third row of buttons above. Order today, as we not only make sensational models, but operate on a first come first served basis!

Cessna 185 on skis
Mount Cook Airlines

DHC-2T Beaver
Labrador Airways

DHC-3T Otter
Osprey Wings

DHC-3T Otter custom model

de Havilland Canada DHC-3T Turbine Otter
Harbour Air Malta

Of course we can make other Turbine Otter desktop models

Whistler Air custom models

de Havilland Canada DHC-3T Turbine Otter
Whistler Air

DHC-3T desktop model

de Havilland Canada DHC-3T Turbine Otter
Misty Fjords Air

Buffalo Airways desktop model

Curtiss C-46 Commando custom model


Buffalo Airways, Yellowknife
Will Quite happily make any of the Buffalo Airways fleet.

This Commado is considered a straight forward model in pricing

Norseman custom model
Noorduyn Norseman V
Buffalo Airways, Yellowknife
(Wingspan is 18 inches or 45.7 cm)
What can't be seen clearly is all the lettering detail, all hand done by one of our artists

Noorduyn Norseman custom model

Noorduyn Norseman IV
(Wingspan is 18 inches or 45.7 cm)
A lot of work went into this paint scheme

Noorduyn Norseman
DHC-3 Otter custom model

de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter
Katchemak Air Service, Alaska
Wingspan is 18 inches  or 45.7 cm
We will quite happily make any DHC-3 Otter

DHC-3 Otter
Ontario Provincial Air Service

DHC-2 Beaver custom model

de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver
Katchemak Air Service, Alaska
Wingspan is 18.25 inches  or 46.4 cm
Civil or Military DHC-2 Beavers can be made

DHC-2 Beaver desktop model

de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver
Whistler Air

DHC-2 Beaver custom model

de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver Float Plane Desktop Model
Tofino Air, Canada
(We can make a Beaver on Wheels, Floats or Skis)

DHC-2 Beaver

de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver custom model
Copper Valley Air Service


(Note the tundra tires)

DHC-2 Beaver
Seair Seaplanes

DHC-2 Beaver
Walsten Air Services

DHC-6 Twin Otter

de Havilland Canada DHC-6-100 Floatplane custom model


Westcoast Air

Twin Otter custom model

                                        de Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Floatplane custom model


Trans Maldivian Airways

Ryan Brougham custom model

Ryan B-1 Brougham
Queen of the Yukon

Junkers W34 custom model
Junkers W.34
Canadian Airways

Bellanca desktop model

Bellanca Air Cruiser custom model


Eldorado Radium Silver Express

NWT Canada

Fokker Super Universal custom model

Fokker Super Universal
Canadian Airways
We've also made the ski version of the Super Universal

Fokker Super Universal desktop model

Fokker Super Universal
Northern Airways
Beautiful model.

Fokker Universal desktop model

Fokker Universal custom model


Western Canada Airways

Fox Moth custom model

de Havilland Fox Moth

Curtiss Robin custom model

Curtiss Robin

Cessna Caravan custom model

Cessna 208 Caravan I
Whistler Air

 Twin Pioneer custom model
Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer
Sierra Leone Airways
Wingspan is 18.25 inches  or 45.7 cm
We will be quite happy to make any RAF Twin Pioneer or Pioneer

Turbo Porter custom model
Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter
Mount Cook Line
New Zealand

Short Sealand custom model

Short Sealand
A classic British design

Travel Air custom model
Travel Air S6000B
Katchemak Air Service, Alaska
Wingspan is approximately 18.25 inches or 45.7 cm

Helicopters are found on our very impressive Rotary Wing Page

As our pricing for a custom made model is so reasonable, order today using our order form via this link;
Nice Airplanes Order Form

Nice Airplanes really does produce nice airplanes and we are immensely proud of each one!
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